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Custom Teak

New teak talk here. On fiberglass and metal boats there often is teak trim and fittings outside and interiors are teak or other fine woods finished bright. I can repair or restore these wood parts and also build  anything new to customize a boat to your individual desires.  This includes new teak decks, hatches, dorade boxes, skylights, interiors, etc.

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dsvsdv Repair. dsvsdv Restoration. dsvsdv New Construction .
Repairs are a constant with boats. The repairs could be with wooden or fiberglass boats. The main causes for repair are damage from weather, accidents, and wear due to use and time. More>> A restoration on a wooden boat is repairing and replacing everything necessary to bring the boat up to new condition, strength, and finish. The type and extent of restorations can vary a great deal. More>> New construction on wooden or fiberglass boats can be a new mast, new galley, or a new boat. I can design what is needed or we can obtain a design for your new construction. More>>
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El Presidente - a 90' Mathis-Trumpy Ex-Presidential Yacht

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Allegro - a 43' Alden Schooner

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New Construction.

40' Diesel Duck


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