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Wayne Shibley A Message to Wooden Boat Lovers

For more than 25 years Iíve been designing, building, repairing, and restoring wooden boats. Storing them in winter, painting and fixing them up in the spring and rowing, paddling, or sailing them whenever I get the chance!

Itís my business Ė but itís also my love and constant pleasure. A well-designed, well-constructed wooden boat is the finest combination of the beautiful and practical that I know. Wayne Shibley's Wooden Boat - The MinkuWorking on any wooden boat, new or old, to make it as perfect as possible is the most satisfying occupation I know.

Thatís why I would enjoy designing a boat for you, building one to your design and specifications, or following a model that you like for new construction.I would also enjoy working on your existing boat to repair damage or restoring it to it's finest condition.

Your boat may be a dream for the future, or a current problem.Iíd like the chance to help you realize yourdream, or to solve a problem. If you want to talk about it, contact me either by phone (630-336-1840) or email.

Wayne Shibley

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Repairs are a constant with boats. The repairs could be with wooden or fiberglass boats. The main causes for repair are damage from weather, accidents, and wear due to use and time.†More>> A restoration on a wooden boat is repairing and replacing everything necessary to bring the boat up to new condition, strength, and finish. The type and extent of restorations can vary a great deal. More>> New construction on wooden or fiberglass boats can be a new mast, new galley, or a new boat. I can design what is needed or we can obtain a design for your new construction. More>>
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